luni, 23 august 2010


The financial (and mental?) crisis is getting larger and larger in Romania. The costs are huge and multiple. Including human life. The TV says that accidents happen because of the “improvisations”. People do that because there is no money to pay experts. If you have no money, there are two possibilities: (i) die quickly (e.g. because of cold) and (ii) use the improvisation and eventually longer your life (e.g. make fire in the room with the risk of being poisoned by CO). In both cases there is an important risk of dying and this makes every survived day a victory. Politicians don’t seem to bother. Romania is just like this. It seems that nothing is safe anymore: trains, airplanes, food, water, old buildings, and hospitals…all potentially dangerous. Maybe it was something like this in the archaic, when going out from a cave was a venture…but it was needed because other way people starved. Interesting feeling. Eastern Europe.

Ps: build conservation strategies in a country, where people`s physical safety is really questionable...

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